5 of 6: An Essential Language

June: we will read and discuss An Essential Language – up to page 253 (ends with Principles of Sufism).

Please share your thoughts on this section below.

1 thought on “5 of 6: An Essential Language

  1. uzmataj

    My dad, I know my heart is open because of you. I remember your gentle nudges to remember.
    Your confusion, in being harsh. You taught me to be curious, to question everything I read.
    You taught me to get out of the box and look everywhere. Thank you Aliaa R Rafea and Aisha Rafea Рand for the reminder for the Mercy of our Prophets Рthe Mercy of striving and to read my own book. I loved the walk into Hagga Zakiyya arms Рsurprised to feel the embrace of a mother. Tingles of love ran through me РI feel this pull to go to Humaythira…I have asked and pray I get to visit.

    Finally understand the moon song! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5HiXM9JGJQ

    Oh Muhammed, Alhamdulilah blessings and gratefulness‚Ķthe imagery is so amazing thank you Nuha and Suha Al-Abed. Imagine watching Muhammed appear from the horizon. How was the earth when the Prophet walked around? – theres a beautiful story in the Mathnawi about a pillar that the Prophet leans against – it becomes really sad when the community build another, the pillar begins to moan out loud – I always thought this was sweet. Grateful for the Moon…

    Throughly enjoyed this section – sisters are a blessing, I am blessed to have many…

    “A heart which is amused, busied, and impatient with notions of more or less, is not a heart but a stomach” hmmm Ya Sabur ;0)

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