mixed semaWe welcome you to this space for deepening our appreciation of the contribution of the female mystic poets, scholars and saints in Islam.

The book will be split into six segments to be studied over six months. At the start of each month we will post an invitation for you to offer reflections. You can add your comments under each post, relevant to that section of the book. You can see the latest posts here.

Please bear in mind the following adab (etiquette):

  • This space is for the purpose of studying Women of Sufism; you are welcome to link to other resources/books as long as it is in connection to the primary text.
  • This is a safe, private space; please do not share reflections by others outside this space without their prior consent.
  • We invite you to share reflections that the text brings forth from your heart.
  • We ask that you read and respond to other people’s sharings without judgement and with compassion, empathy and love.
  • Our aim is that communication, trust, and mutual respect should deepen.

The book will be studied as follows:

  • February 1 of 6: In the Heart of the Prophet – preface, introduction and up to page 18.
  • March 2 of 6: Early Sufi Women – up to page 71.
  • April 3 of 6: The Unfolding Universe – up to page 127.
  • May 4 of 6: A Princess of Piety – up to page 195.
  • June 5 of 6: An Essential Language – up to page 253.
  • July 6 of 6: A Child of the Moment – til end.

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