We have reached the end of our monthly breakdown of the book. We leave it open now for readers to re-reflect on past chapters, catch-up on missing months, and share general reflections about this work and it’s impact. Feel free to post below, and you can still post in previous chapter posts relevant to that chapter.

2 of 6: Early Sufi Women

March: we will read and discuss Early Sufi Women – up to page 71.

Please share your thoughts on this section below – and continue to comment in the previous post if you are still reflecting on part 1.

1 of 6: In the Heart of the Prophet

Welcome friends, to the first monthly discussion of Women of Sufism. We are very excited to start this study group and ask you to take some time to introduce yourselves in the comments section below, perhaps sharing your intention or hope, and what has drawn you to the book.

February: we will read and discuss the preface, introduction and the section entitled ‘In the Heart of the Prophet’, up to the end of page 18.